IT Support

IT at the highest levels of efficiency

Basic IT support

  • Setup new computers, tablets, printers, scanners and other hardware
  • Setup email and configure it on phone
  • Software and application installation
  • Hardware installation (laptops, printers, wireless routers..)
  • New device configuration

Maintenance and repair

  • Fix laptops, printers, scanners and other hardware
  • Remove viruses and spyware
  • Update and resolve anti-virus issues
  • Speed up computers/laptops
  • Backup important files
  • Retrieve lost or deleted data

Advanced IT support

  • Server-client mail configuration & troubleshooting support
  • Operating system re-installs
  • Monitoring and improving network performance
  • Software and hardware upgrade (memory, graphics card, replacement hard drive..)
  • Solve windows desktop related issues, including formatting & maintenance
  • Windows authentication, network access-control related issues, centralized directory server and group policy
  • Active directory support


  • IT tuition and advices
  • Design and plan solutions to enhance business performance